Testimonials Workshop


Dear Dimple,

The workshop was very informative, and enjoying,….i liked what you said about cleansing foods….we always think of only nourshing the body….and not once think about cleansing the body thourougly…listening today made me understand the importance of this..

…..while coming home, i was reflecting about this….and just made a comparioson..to explain to my son the improtance of eating well…..our body is like the house…we decorate the house with nice artefacts so it looks beautiful…”nourshing foods”…..and we take care to keep them clean by dusting sweeping etc….”cleansing foods”….. i hope this is right….




Hi dimple!

i really enjoyed the workshop! though i’ve only dabbled in ayurveda for several years now i realized that the concept of doshas etc was very new for them and might have needed more time to absorb it all, esp with the “homework” we did. yes, more time would allow for reviewing and reinforcing these concepts and also do a bit more hands-on with testing our taste buds with all of the the flavors, seeing many herbs and plants for the first time, etc. for me, it was great as i had a bit of knowledge already going into it.

I had to share this with you! i made the antibiotic balls and also tulsi tea as my youngest daughter had a bit of a fall in the pool on the weekend and soon after had a high fever 102 and sore throat (either from the fall or being in the pool all day, both days at the beach, who knows) and only yesterday started to have difficulty breathing, at times. i rarely take the girls to the doctor and gave myself another day/night to see if she’d improve.

I made the tea and gave it to her, along with coconut (cooling for pitta, right?) throughout the day, gave her the “candies” as i called the pills, and i gave her aconiite at regular intervals which is a remedy i have used with her once before with good results. before bedtime we said “goodbye/goodnight” to the fever and, indeed, her fever broke last night and she is back to herself again. at 18 months she is also still breastfeeding which, i believe, helps tremendously when she’s sick or not feeling well. i can still make and giver her my own protective milk and she feels held and loved whenever she needs it. so, thank you for the wonderful recipes for healing!!!!!!!!

I am very much looking forward to your healing kitchen series as soon as you can pull it off!! i have two friends who are also very interested in the course. can you add their names to your email list: