Retreats & Workshops


Yoga at the Retreat


The following workshops can be arranged on request.

  • Reclaim Your Health Naturally After Childbirth
  • Boosting Childhood Immunity with Natural Approach
  • Ayurveda – The Science of Energy Nutrition
  • ONSET Workshops for Teachers and Parents
  • Menopause – A New You
  • Kitchen Pharmacy/ Healing Kitchen
  • Health on Your Finger Tips: Self-Massage on Marma (energy) Points
  • Get Holistic Man! (practical Ayurveda for men)
  • Beauty with Ayurveda
  • Health @ Work  (for working professionals)
Testimonials Workshop

Dear Dimple,

The workshop was very informative, and enjoying,….i liked what you said about cleansing foods….we always think of only nourshing the body….and not once think about cleansing the body thourougly…listening today made me understand the importance of this..