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About Dr. Arora

Holistic Wellness of Children

Holistic Wellness of Children



Dr. Arora is a Doctor of Natural Medicine, M.D.A.M. She has received advanced training in Ayurveda from the International Academy of Ayurveda in Pune, India. She is a certified Diet and Nutrition Advisor from Stonebridge Associated Colleges, London, and is also trained in Yoga, reflexology and holistic psychology. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Management from the Assumption University, and is an accredited gemologist from the Asian Institute of Gemological Science in Bangkok.

She has conducted several workshops and private consultations on holistic healthcare since the year 2000. She is frequently invited by prominent forums and groups to speak on the science and art of self-care based on Ayurvedic principles. Her forte is the ability to impart profound wisdom of this ageless science in the language and voice of the contemporary person. She has contributed articles to leading publications such as Spa Asia, Expression, Thai Spa Spirit, Education (Bangkok Post), The Nation, to name a few.  She appeared on the UBC show Destination Thailand, on Asean TV, NNT News and currently on Modern Mom’s Experience on Rak Luke Channel. A New Age Manual for the New Mother is her first book. 

                Dr. Arora currently runs a private clinic in Sukhumvit, Bangkok, having treated hundreds of clients in the past few years. She is a visiting lecturer at the Assumption University (Faculty of Nursing Sciences, Nutrition). She is a visiting consultant at TRIA Integrative Medical Institute.  She liaises with international schools to provide an “intervention” program to correct health, metabolic and behavioral imbalances in children using alternative modalitites such as nutrition, herbal remedies, counseling, acupressure and clinical bodyworks, to name a few. She also conducts wellness workshops and retreats in leading schools, hospitals, yoga centres and destination spas in Bangkok and abroad. See Retreats page for more information.

Dr. Arora considers her books to be a payback to society. Most of the proceeds generated by uplifting the awareness of readers will be devoted to causes uplifting the quality of life of financially challenged women and children. She has founded the Golden Awareness Fund for this purpose.

Dr. Arora  lives in Bangkok with her husband Sanjeev, daughter Urshila and son Aveeral. She welcomes your feedback. To contact her for a speaking engagement or to facilitate a workshop/retreat, kindly write to
Life is not meant to be lived, In wretched ignorance and dearth. It is a life of awareness and action, Which begets abundance on Earth. So act when someone snatches away, Another’s hard-earned worth. Or when you see a lack of compassion, Towards our Mother Earth. For it is the Earth which readily provides, Our food, clothing and shelter. To bite the hand which feeds the mouth, Does not bode well for human culture. A day will come, and it seems not far, When the Earth could take no more. Her heated air and toxic soil, Would stifle us to the core. So wake up to the ultimate truth, That the Earth and you are one. Wake up and protect this home of homes, Before you are left with none.” – “Wake Up and Smell the Earth” by Dimple Arora, March 2009.