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             “Katherine’s life has changed ever since she came to you Dimple, for her first consultation. The diet you prescribed for her has worked wonders, and has helped come into balance. She has weaned off medication for the condition for which she sought treatment for so long. She has developed good eating habits which would be life-long I am sure, and she is a happier child for it. If anyone wants to talk to me and get a first hand recommendation of your services, they are most welcome.” – Tracey Gray, Managing Director CETA (Tel: 087-014-7415)

Dear Dimple, I am following the diet, and I feel already more energy and balance. Tonight, I had tomatoes for dinner and I feel that the big allergy I used to have, it ‘ s gone! I feel that my fire for the digestion is stronger, and I feel less afraid to eat things which were difficult for me to digest. Thank you so much to take care of me, and to help me in my journey towards Balance and Harmony.Love,Virginie.” – Virginie Simone, Jewellery Designer and Entrepreneur.

Khun Duangthip, I just called to tell you that for the first time in so many years, I have slept without resorting to pills. I am more calm, feel more energy, and my digestion is so much better…only after a few days of following your diet plan, after attending your workshop on Menopause last month. Today, it’s been almost two months into your diet and lifestyle regimen. I went for my blood test. My RBC level (red blood cell), which has always been below average for the past 2 years (despite taking all the supplements given by the doctor), is now high – well within the normal range. I just can’t believe it myself! Thank you so much, khob khun maak maak kha! – Angelica, Managing Director At Aurous

“My daughter has not fallen sick in the past few months, since we started to incorporate your diet elements. Compared to the past when she was falling sick every second month, I feel this is such an improvement. And that too without drugs and medicines! Thanks Dimple! ” – Ory-Ya Avani, Owner and Director of Pilatestudio.

My daughter was prone to catching the common flu, coming down with a cold and sore throat frequently. I would resort to medical drugs most of the time. However, after consulting with Dimple, I followed the diet and herbal remedies offered in her book. So simple, and so very effective! I did not need any medication. I think her diet and remedies are very practical to follow, and have yielded good results for both my children. Thanks Dimple!” – Sheetal Chabra, Children Yoga Teacher.

“I am very disappointed at the way I was handled post-childbirth at the hospital. I did not receive any education on my diet, and other things a postnatal mother goes through and needs to be mindful of. I became depressed, not knowing what to eat, what to avoid, what to give my child for minor ailments besides drugs. After the first session with you Dimple, I already felt more confident. My health improved after following you natural diet regimen. More milk flow, more energy, and people tell me I am glowing! You should be working alongside doctors in hospitals. I will personally tell the head of gynae at Samitivej hospital.” – Sukhraj Sethi (Tel: 081-811-8520)

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